How to Have An Indomitable Spirit During Sales Recession

January 16, 2017

“I can’t do it!”; “It is too tough!”; “It’s hopeless”; “Market is bad!”; “Competitor keep throwing prices!” These have been the typical responses I hear throughout the year thus far. Honestly, it is not new. I hear these limiting mindsets all the time – even during good times. Amid the current state of economic uncertainties, how would you boost your resilience and persistence to keep fighting for sales by having an indomitable spirit? The answer is “ABC”!

  1. AIM:
    What do you need to do every single day to deliver results? Many people go to work aimlessly. They have no idea what they need to do or what they need to accomplish. The first step is always have an aim – be it a target or a goal. How many prospects do you need to talk to daily? On the personal side, what do you want to achieve? Do you want to travel? Do you want to change your car? Do you want to save up for your children’s education? Let your life goal become your sales goal. By aiming the right target, you will focus on the right things.
  2. BELIEF:
    what we say everyday becomes the mindset. An example of wrong mindset is when one tends to think that “the targets are too high and I will never achieve it”. The right mindset would be “the targets are high so I better put in more effort to achieve it!” What are your beliefs? You got to be aware what you say every day because it affects you and the people around you. Change your mindset, change your beliefs.
    Take the challenge! We are in the environment where it’s harder to get sales but are you ready to take the challenge? However, if you do take up the challenge, remember this – challenges are never comfortable. If you are used to a comfortable environment, you will not survive in tough environments. That’s why you need to challenge yourself out of your comfort zones or situations where you are not accustomed to. Many veteran sales people are comfortable serving existing customers but right now, they need to hunt, make cold calls and acquire new clients which requires lots of effort and the ability to handle rejections. If you challenge yourself, you will ultimately grow, progress and eventually create more opportunities than you can ever handle. Challenge yourself to achieve your targets or go beyond it!

No matter how tough the situation is, keep your fighting spirit high. Build that indomitable spirit that you cannot be conquered by negativity, rough competitors or demanding customers. Get up every day by having an AIM what you need to do and accomplish; BELIEF you can do it with the right mindsets, and CHALLENGE yourself to achieve your goal no matter how difficult the situation is. YOU CAN DO IT!



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