LPPI was established under the name of Bank Academy Institute on December 18, 1958, and has changed its name several times throughout its development. Approximately after five years, the Bank Academy Institute changed its name to Academy of Finance and Banking Sciences (PTIKP), a subordinate of the Minister of Central Bank Affairs (UBS)/Governor of Bank Indonesia. The PTIKP soon changed its name again to Striving Bank Education Institute under the administration of UBS.


On April 30th 1970, Yayasan Pengembangan Perbankan Indonesia (YPPI) or the Indonesian Banking Development Foundation was first established. It was supported by Bank Negara Indonesia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Bank Dagang Negara, Bank Ekspor Impor Indonesia, Bank Bumi Daya, Bank Tabungan Negara and Indonesian Private Banks Association (PERBANAS).
To accommodate the growth of YPPI, Bank Indonesia as central bank of Indonesia, aimed to upgrade the programs offered by the foundation. Rachmat Saleh (then Governor of Bank Indonesia) expressed his wishes to support YPPI with funds derived from BI.


On December 29th 1977, LPPI was established as a new legal entity separate from YPPI. Bank Indonesia fully supported the development of LPPI. A new chapter emerged in 1992 with the transformation of LPPI into Indonesian Bankers Institute (IBI). This transformation occurred through the declaration of IBI by prominent bankers in Indonesia.


Since its transformation, IBI continued to function for several years. On October 30th 1992, the Supervisory Board of IBI declared that IBI would be an organization solely for banking profession and detached from training, research, development and consultancy services. On August 29th 2003, IBI was retransformed into YPPI. During this interim period, all activities remained as usual. On December 31st 2003, the new LPPI was created and remains active until today.


To be a trustworthy and prominent Banking Development and Financial Services Institute in ASEAN


To enhance the quality of human capital in Banking and Financial Services through improvements in knowledge, skill and attitude as well as to support the development of a high quality and healthy banking industry.
To enhance public knowledge of banking, central banking and other financial services to support the development of the banking and financial services industry.


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