ADFIMI, which stands for Association of National Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) in Member Countries of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), was established as an autonomous independent international organization. At the 11th IDB Board of Governors Meeting, (Amman, March 1986), a provisional constituent assembly of NDFI representatives established ADFIMI. It started its operations in September 1987 at its headquarters is in Istanbul, Turkey, on being given the status of an International Organization by the Turkish Government.


The Vision of ADFIMI lies in recognizing ethical values in economic development and stability; Its Vision is human development and quality of life without oppression of poverty. Recognizing and respecting the Regional and Islamic Ethics, international rules and regulation of good governance, of sustainability and of democratization.


  1. To educate, train, conduct R&D, provide consultancy services, develop the human resource factor in banking, the ethical factors in financial sector industry, develop related technical sector, innovative, intellectual and conceptual practices of banking, at the global contemporary benchmark level.
  2. To develop the human resource factor in the contemporary skills, and management skills to achieve highest productivity for competitive advantage.
  3. To create an environment of appreciation and of rewarding merit and recognization of competence and to institute awards regularly.
  4. To create an environment for trade and business among the member bank customers for economic development.
  5. To bring the countries of the region closer through trade, investment, culture, and other means of feasible activities considered relevant and necessary.
  6.  To develop expertise on all levels of development and investment banking activities.
  7. To develop expertise in all aspect of small enterprises financing.
  8. To foster all financial institution’s in the region into the ADFIMI network.
  9. To induct ethics in all corporate and business practices of the members and institutions through training.
  10. To act as the accreditation agency for certification and laying the criteria of good practices and quality education in financial sector industry.


Association of National Development Finance Institutions in Member Countries of the Islamic Development Bank

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